Month: October 2022

What Is 11-hydroxy-THC, Exactly?

A new compound had evolved from the hemp plant just when you were beginning to believe you were familiar with all of its cannabinoids, and we can assure you that you do not want to miss out on it. Another…

Elf Bar BC5000 Disposable 2023 Vaping Review

While it may look like a disposable in that you can’t replace the e-juice pod or refill it, the Elf Bar BC5000 is a one-of-a-kind in that you can recharge it until you run through the e-juice in the tank….

Delta 8 Disposable Vape Pen By Superstrain Review

When it comes to Delta 8 THC, Superstrain is an absolute overachiever. All of the products in its broad catalog of Delta 8 are impeccable, and that is also the case with its disposable vaping pens. Superstrain Delta 8 Disposable…