Allo Ultra Disposable Vape Device by ALLO Vapor Review

The Allo Ultra is the senior brother to the popular Allo Bar vape device. It features a larger battery that gives you extended lifespan, a larger ejuice capacity so you get more value per puff, and an integrated mesh coil that offers excellent flavor performance, the kind you would usually expect from a more advanced vaping hardware.

Not to forget, the Allo Ultra also integrates a smart chipset that regulates the wattage automatically, preventing dry hits and burns, which in turn gives you a more consistent vape all the way 

The Allo Ultra – Design and Build

Straight from its pack, you can already see the difference from the Allo Bar. The Allo Ultra is a sleek device with a two-part design: the mouthpiece and the battery. It is small and comfortable enough to hold in your hand when you vape. 

Unlike the Allo Bar, the mouthpiece of the Allo Ultra disposable vape is pronounced. It is an ergonomic duckbill shaped mouthpiece that feels comfortable in your mouth while you vape. The mouthpiece is connected directly to the ejuice pod inside the chassis of the Allo Ultra. 

The device uses a convenient draw-activated firing mechanism so there is no need for any buttons or switches on its body. There is no button on the body of the device, all you get is one streamlined, easy to hold chassis. 

Allo Ultra Disposable Vape Device by ALLO Vapor Review

550mAh is a generous amount of battery for a small device like this. It is a step-up from the 300mAh battery of the Allo Bar. The device has a resistance of 0.15ohms and features an over-inhale and short circuit protection. The battery is non-rechargeable but it will keep you vaping until the last drop of ejuice. 

The Ejuice Pod

The Allo Ultra comes equipped with 3.8ml of ejuice, this is a significant amount in the disposable vaping community. It will keep you vaping over 800 puffs depending on usage. With this, you are going to be vaping the Allo Ultra for quite a long time before you will have to dispose of the device. You can get it in any one of its five available ejuice flavors. 

The prefilled ejuice is available with both 20mg and 50mg salt nicotine concentrations. If you are a heavy vaper, you should go with 50mg. If you prefer a milder hit, then a 20mg should do the trick. Thanks to the salt nicotine formula, every drag delivers smooth and strong throat hits that satisfy your nicotine cravings every time. 

Allo Ultra Disposable Vape Device by ALLO Vapor Review

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: 100mm x 23mm x 15mm 
  • 550mAh Battery Capacity
  • Resistance 1.5 Ohms
  • 3.8ml Ejuice Capacity, Approximately 800+ Puffs
  • Over Inhale and Short Circuit Protection

What You Get

The Allo Ultra is an all-in-one, straight out of its pack, you can place the device in your mouth and vape. Once you are done with the device, you simply dispose of it and pick up a fresh one. When you buy it, you get:

  • 1 x Allo Ultra Disposable Vape Device

You would not have to break the bank to get your self one, or to keep up with using the device until you are cigarette free. You can get the Allo Ultra for $13 at You can also get any of the available Allo Ultra flavors on the site. 


If you are looking for a way to quit smoking cigarettes for good, the Allo Ultra was designed for you. Its portability, ease-of-use, and cigarette-like throat hits would make any smoker feel right at home. 

If you have issues with refilling, changing coils, charging, or maintenance of vape devices, the Allo Ultra is designed to take all of that fuss away, allowing you to focus on what you love the most – vaping.