Alto EPod Cymatic Frequency LE Device by Vuse Review

With Vuse’s Alto pod system, adult smokers everywhere get to enjoy all-day vaping, packed full with all the aesthetic, portability, ease-of-use, and not to forget, outstanding vaping performance that you should expect from a high-quality pod system. It is a device that makes use of a high-powered battery with prefilled pods to deliver smooth hits and well-balanced flavor. 

Kit Contents

  • 1 x Alto EPod device
  • 1 x USB Magnetic charger
  • 1 x User guide


At first glance, it is the new-age design of the Alto pod system that captures your attention. The device incorporates curved lines both at the top and at the base that adds even more beauty to its aesthetics. Its minimalist construction enhances the portability of the device, something pod systems should be able to do effortlessly. 

Alto EPod Cymatic Frequency LE Device by Vuse Review

Instead of the plastic build that many pod systems in the market come with, the Alto sports a metal chassis that improves on the durability of the device and also makes it feel sturdy. Thanks to the metal build, the Alto may feel slightly heavier than most pod systems, but this is a good thing considering the device will be impervious to minor accidents. 

The Alto pod system makes use of a convenient draw-activated firing mechanism that makes it easy for any beginner to get the hang of. 

On the body of the device is an LED that indicates the battery level while you vape so you know just when to charge. The LED blinks 10 times to indicate a low battery. There is also a magnetic connection at the base of the Alto pod system that you use to charge the device. 

The prefilled ejuice pods slot into the pod bay at the top of the Alto pod system and are held in place by magnets. The pods make a reassuring ‘click’ when they hit the magnets. They do not shake while you vape, although they come off with a little bit of pressure when you want to replace them. 

The Vuse Alto Canada ejuice pod comes equipped with 1.9ml ejuice, and you get to choose from a variety of ejuice flavors so you never have a dull vaping moment. The pod itself is made of clear plastic so it is easy to monitor your ejuice level. The mouthpiece of the pod comes attached and cannot be removed. It sports unique curves that allow it to sit comfortably when you go in for a drag. It is also leak-free so you do not bother about spilling your precious ejuice when the device is in your pocket or bag.


The Alto pod system features a 350mAh inbuilt, rechargeable battery that can deliver a whole day of vaping on a single charge, depending on how much you vape with the Alto. On a full battery, you should expect anywhere around 195puffs, just enough to get you through ¾ of your ejuice. Once the battery needs a charge, you simply connect the proprietary magnetic charger to the base of the Alto pod system and power your device in a little over an hour. 

Alto EPod Cymatic Frequency LE Device by Vuse Review

The device comes with a suite of protective features. It comes with overcharging, overcurrent, and over-discharging protection to ensure a safer vape regardless of the circumstance. 


Smooth and tight draws that mimic the feel of an actual cigarette, the simplicity of the draw-activated firing mechanism, longer battery life, all these are what make the Alto pod system as popular as it is in the vaping market today.

The only thing that you do not get when you buy the Alto pod system by Vuse is the Alto pre-filled ejuice pods. Other than that, you have all you need to get you started on your vaping journey. You can get the Alto pod system on Hazetown Vapes for only $8, making it one of the cheapest and yet most effective pod systems on the market.