What To Do After Making Vape Juice

Starting at DIY can be an intimidating thing. There seems to be so much to know and so much information is available that it’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed. The writeup below is compiled to help put all the knowledge you need to get started on how to make e-liquid. And note, if you need help or you are stumped with something, just ask! At one point we were all there; chances are someone had the same question, and they know the answer now.

These are the items you will need:   

Propylene Glycol

Vegetable Glycerin

Nicotine (handle with caution)


 A Measuring Jug


 Gloves (for handling Nicotine)

 Empty bottles

Step 1. Prepare nicotine

You’ll need some math skills here to figure out the amount of nicotine required for the e-liquid to hit the percentage you’d like. Since you will have diluted nicotine, use its strength in milligrams and the total e-juice volume to measure the amount of nicotine needed. To make life simple you can also use an online calculator or mobile app.

Adding too much nicotine can be a mess so add a little less than what your e-juice calculator or e-juice recipe suggests, then add it to the mix after steeping according to taste. If the amount of nicotine is enough for you but you still want more throat hit, it will help to add a few drops of vodka. It doesn’t take much; it will be good enough for only one to five percent.

Step 2. Get your flavors ready

This is where you come in with your skills and luck, particularly if you want to create a new flavor. This move can also make or break the e-juice, and is worthy of your full consideration. You can use one flavor, or you can combine many different flavors. I recommend starting with just one or two flavors for beginners and then going from there.

Trial and error are the only way to make e-liquids but in general, add a little less flavor than recommended by the e-juice calculator or the recipe. Starting with less flavor is better than wasting the entire batch by adding too much. Perform a taste check after steeping, and apply flavoring to match. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, never add more flavoring agent than 10 percent of the final product’s total amount. A great place to find varieties of flavoring is www.flavorah.com

Step 3. Get correct ratio for VG/PG

Depending on your recipe, you can choose any VG / PG blend but usually, it’s between 50/50 and 80/20. Just remember that diluted nicotine usually contains some PG or VG levels so don’t forget to consider that volume.

Step 4. Mix the blend

Mix it in a bottle and shake it when you’ve got everything packed, and I mean shake the heck out of it as most e-juices (especially high VG e-juices) are very thick and need some shaking to combine the ingredients properly.

Step 5. Steep the e-juice

After steeping not only flavor but also juice color can change due to oxidization of nicotine. You may see a more enchanting, yellowish or even light brown color rather than a colorless or light pale-ish color. A change of color is a sign of proper steeping of your juice. There is nothing wrong when it comes to steeping. There are 2 things you need to steep your e-juice; creativity and persistence. The process is long and tedious but the outcome is worth it.