Does Vape Juice Expire

In terms of food, many people assume that eating food that is past its expiration date could be fatal, or at least it could make you very sick. The thing with expiration dates is that once something is past its expiry date, it may not remain the same as before it expired. In terms of food, they may not taste as great as they once would have when it has expired, some may even grow stale or sour, but unless something is growing on your food, then it may still be perfectly safe to eat.

Federal law does not necessarily require expiration dates however many states require such dates to be included on some products, but the majority of expiration dates are put there by manufacturers to protect the reputation of the products. In essence, they want people to be able to taste their products when it is the freshest.

The vaping industry is largely unregulated, and since federal law is not concerned with requiring expiration dates, then it applies to vape juice. All this brings us back to our juice, and just like most foods, the question is does vape juice expire?

Technically, your e-liquid has an expiration date, which means it will ‘expire’. Most e-liquids have expiration dates set for 1-2 years, this is especially for e-liquids of decent quality and stored under the right conditions.

You may even be worried about your vape juice considering it is less food and more of a chemical mixture. Being a chemical mixture, the chemical compounds in your vape juice will begin to break down over time, and this tends to affect the flavour and strength of the nicotine. This process is commonly known as ‘Steeping’.

Over time, the #e-liquid begins to darken and have a more intense flavour, this is normal. However, if this steeping process continues for a longer period, then the e-liquid will begin to degrade.

How to Know When Vape Juice Has Expired

Does Vape Juice Expire

There are only a few things to consider before you know if you should dispose of your e-liquid or give it a go.

  • Storage is the first place to begin, this is because if your e-liquid is not stored properly, it will go bad even before its expiration date. If it had been stored properly, then you can still give it a go.
  • Once your e-liquid is past its prime or was not stored properly, then you should check it for separation. Usually, the denser elements will sink to the bottom of the bottle. If you shake the bottle for a long time and the contents do not mix, then you should not give it a go.
  • Like your food, once you suspect it is no longer fresh, you give it a whiff. One whiff of your e-liquid can tell you whether or not to give it a go. If it smells other than usual, you may want to not give it a go.

Is Vape Juice Safe to Consume After It Is Expired?

We know now that vape juice expires. However, there is no evidence to suggest that vaping expired e-juice is harmful. Just like expired food, when you vape expired vape juice, you may not get the same fantastic vape as when it was fresh off the shelf.

Now, there are vape juices that contain nicotine and vape juices that do not contain nicotine. If nicotine is present in a vape juice, then it is recommended that you do not attempt vaping it.

Since expiration dates are only an estimation, it is up to you to decide whether or not you can still try out your vape juice even when it is past its prime. However, if it looks or smells wrong to you, then save your taste buds and dispose of them.

How to Store Vape Juice

It is not a good idea to store most items in a hot environment. It is the same for vape juice. If you store e-liquid in a hot environment, it will get thicker and darker very fast, and the flavour and strength of the nicotine will degrade even faster.

Does Vape Juice Expire

Heat, length of time, flavours present in the e-liquid, the strength of nicotine, the amount of VG/PG are all factors that contribute to how long your e-juice can stay before it begins to change its colour, taste and strength.

It is best to store your vape juice in a cool, dark and dry place, away from sunlight, this will help maintain the e-juice until its actually past its expiration date. Just in case the e-liquid contains nicotine, then you should use it within 12 months after the manufacturing date because nicotine has its expiration date.

You can transfer the vape juice to a tinted glass bottle, and make sure to keep them tightly sealed inside of a cabinet whenever you are not using them. Shake the e-liquids that you do not use every day, the fresher your vape juice, the more satisfying your vape.

If you go through your e-juice regularly, most of this will not concern you. Many e-liquids are not cheap, and no one wants their money to be a waste. Also, no one wants their stock of e-liquids to go bad, so it is important to take note of the expiration date, and how to store them properly.


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