Dragonfly is one of the best apple-flavored eliquid currently on the market. It has a nice taste and aroma. Vapers who like fruit flavored eliquids will also appreciate Dragonfly. It has a nice taste and a freshness that many vapers seek in fruity vape juices.

Matt Cool products are quite popular. Dragonfly is part of a range of premium-quality vape juices recently released by the company. It includes Dragonfly, Greedy Grapes, Pineapple Dash, and Lemon King. All these have unique flavors and are quite popular with vapers. Dragonfly stands out for its fantastic green-apple flavor.

A Fantastic Taste

Many apple-flavored vape juices have red apples as the main ingredient, but Matt Cool decided to use green apples. It gives a flavor that is sweet and tantalizingly sour. Vapers appreciate the nice koolada that invades the mouth and throat as they vape. The entire experience will leave you with a nice cool aftertaste that lingers for a while.

As you vape, your taste buds react to a not overpowering sweetness, but nice, natural sweetness, mixed with the sourness of green apples; it feels a bit tangy. Your body feels energized and lively by the experience.

VG/PG Level

Ejuice companies conduct profound studies to find the best rate of VG/PG that has the best attribute of the eliquid. Dragonfly has a balanced rate of VG/PG 50/50. The ratio represents the medium level thickness of the ejuice, hence, there no issues for vaping or dripping.

A balanced rate is also widely appreciated among vapers because they can use any type of e-cig and have no issues. Regardless whether you are using a vape pen, a mod, or if you are sub-ohm vaping, there is no issue with the present VG/PG level.

Vapers who like to blow huge clouds also appreciate the nice cloud production. Dragonfly produces abundant clouds. The clouds have a nice thickness and take a while before dissipating into the air.

The current vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) level produce a mild throat hit. Vapers who are seeking the pleasure of vaping and are not after throat hits like the mild effect.

Nicotine Levels

You have the option of choosing two different nicotine strength, 3 mg or 6 mg. Both are low-level nicotine strength and result in very mild throat hits. When you inhale, there is a soft koolada that feels gentle and smooth.

Bottle and Packaging

If you are already familiar with Matt Cool’s products, you may recognize the iconic trademark of the cool gorilla wearing sunglasses, and a gold chain. The box is made of cardboard and is quite colorful. For Dragonfly, Matt Cool has chosen the color green to represent the green apples. The trademark is both on the box and the bottle.

Dragonfly comes in a clear plastic bottle. The liquid inside has somewhat of a greenish color and a slight aroma of green apples. The bottle has a childproof safety cap. The opening is similar to a funnel to facilitate dripping. Dragonfly comes in 30 ml bottle capacity.


If you are seeking some of the best Malaysian vape juice 2018, you should try Dragonfly. Matt Cool products are premium quality offered at a fantastic price. For only $10.99 USD you will have the best vaping experience of green apple-flavored eliquid.

Matt Cool’s products are all types of budgets. They are not cheap ejuice, but the company believes that all vapers should have the opportunity to vape high-quality products, hence, provide its products at very competitive prices.


Matt Cool is a Malaysian company that produces some of the best e-liquid enjoyed in Malaysia and worldwide. The company uses only natural ingredients in the production process and the latest technologies and brewing methods. All of its products are of premium-quality and highly appreciated by vapers.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced vaper, if you like fruit flavored eliquids,  you will like the taste of Dragonfly. It’s unique and stands out among many others. Vapers who have tried Dragonfly acknowledge that it is one of the best apple flavored ejuice currently on the market. The flavor is delicious and will entice you for more with each puff.


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