When we talk about batteries, the eGo-C Twist is one of the most popular batteries on the market today. The vaping community only has good things to say about this product. So, the question is, is it that good?

There are some pretty good reasons why the eGo-C Twist is a solid battery.

Pros of eGo-C Twist Batteries


Yes, this battery will not break your bank. You can snatch the eGO-C Twist for as low as $19.99 only at https://slimsejuice.com. For a point of reference, some of the more advanced batteries are within the $50 range. So for something more than half that price, this is downright a good investment.

Comes in variable voltage

Whether you want a strong or a mild throat hit, the eGo-C Twist will suit you. The device supports variable voltage. This allows you to adjust the strength of your hits until you find that sweet vaping spot. Voltage can be adjusted between 3.2  to 4.8 volts. Simply turn the knob located at the bottom part of the device to adjust the voltage.

Short Circuit Protection

The battery will automatically shut down if a short circuit is detected.

Atomizer Protection/Cutoff Timer

The battery will immediately shut off once the button is pressed for 10 seconds. It will not turn on until the button has been released.

Battery Monitoring/ Over-Discharge Protection

This feature monitors the battery voltage. The battery will shut down automatically once the battery is discharged. The LED light will blink five times if the battery needs to be charged.

Longer life

One major turn on for batteries is their long life. For their size, you will be surprised at how long these batteries can last. To give you an example, a small 650 mAh battery can last between 6 and 7 hours, while the largest 1300 mAh can last 13 long hours. Of note though, the battery life can depend on the voltage you are using. For instance, a higher voltage will drain the battery way faster than lower voltage. The frequency of use and vaping styles are also other factors you need to consider.

510 Threaded Connection

The eGo-C Twist battery comes with the standard and most common connection type. This allows it to work with a wide range of atomizers, clearomizers, and cartomizers. A few devices that work with these batteries include the Vivi Novas, EVODS, all eGo series, and Protanks. It can also be charged with a Go Rapid USB Charger.

Can be locked

Simply clicking the firing button five times will lock or unlock the battery. The LED will blink when switching modes. The battery is disabled in lock mode and is unable to power an atomizer or cartomizer.


Some batteries are just drop-dead heavy. But the eGo-C Twist is incredibly light so you can carry it wherever you go. Its small enough to fit into your pockets.

Available in different colors

The eGo-C Twist has one of the most stylish designs on the market. It comes in different colors including black, blue, green, pink, red, silver, and white.

Cons of Ego Twist

A bit fragile

Some reviewers have complained that this battery is a bit fragile. If you are careless, it can easily break. Just like any other devices, you should handle the eGo-C Twist with utmost care.

Improve voltage indicator

The voltage indicator numbers found at the bottom part of the twist cap needs to be improved. Some reviewers have pointed out that it can easily smear off with regular use. Although it is easy to distinguish between 3.2 and 4.8 volts, an engraved number would be a better solution.

Where to Buy?

As mentioned earlier, you can buy the eGo-C Twist at Slim’s E-Juice. The package includes a 1100mAh Ego-C Twist variable voltage battery, a 510 charger, and an MT3 atomizer tank. All you need is your favorite e-juice, and you are good to go.


Overall, the eGo-C Twist would make a good addition to your collection. Its variable voltage gives it some flexibility and convenience. It is also way cheaper than other vaporizers. It looks classy and sleek too, and its size makes it easy to slip it into your pocket.

Happy vaping people!


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