Hawaiian POG is a Naked100 vape juice that will remind you of chilling at the colorful beaches of Hawaii. This fruity e-liquid has a taste like no other. Hawaiian POG is one of my favorite tropical e-liquids on the market. This e-juice has stood the test of time. Hawaiian POG gets its unique taste from a blend of guava, orange, and passion fruit. This e-liquid has a very natural flavor that easily captivates the taste buds. Vapers who love fruity e-liquids will have a great time vaping Hawaiian POG. You can vape this e-liquid all day without getting tired of the flavor.

Hawaiian POG by Naked 100 has a surreal tropical taste that is ideal for the summer season when the weather gets warm. If you have ever been on vacation to the Island of Hawaii, then you can attest to the tropical taste of Hawaiian POG. This e-liquid has a refreshing flavor. When you taste Hawaiian POG e-juice, it is the flavor of the guava and passion fruit that dominate the taste buds. You can taste the juicy and sour flavor of ripe guavas and passion fruits. On the exhale, the taste of the Florida orange comes to life. The flavor of the ripe orange on the exhale blends excellently with the passion fruit and guava and flavors on the inhale. Hawaiian POG has a smooth and pleasant all-around taste that makes vaping it a pleasant experience. The e-juice has a strong aftertaste that lasts long in the mouth.

Hawaiian POG e-liquid by Naked 100 has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 70/30 percent. Naked 100 designed this e-liquid to work with most vaping systems. You can vape this e-liquid using either a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) or using a sub ohm tank. Hawaiian POG is not one of those fruit e-liquids that easily stains coils. With this e-liquid, you do not have to change your coils frequently.

Hawaiian POG is ideal for vapers who have a thing for blowing huge clouds of vapor with every puff. This e-liquid produces heavy clouds of vapor that also have a nice aroma.

Hawaiian POG is manufactured with high-quality nicotine. This premium e-liquid comes with different concentration levels. Vapers can get this e-liquid with either 0mg, 3mg, 0r 12mg of nicotine. Hawaiian POG e-liquid has a delicately smooth throat hit. You will not get any throat irritation when you vape Hawaiian POG. The version of this Naked 100 e-liquid with 3mg of nicotine is ideal for those vapers who enjoy high levels of nicotine. If you do not want a high concentration of nicotine, you can opt for the version of this e-liquid with the 0mg or 3mg of nicotine.

Hawaiian POG is manufactured in the United States by Naked 100. This vape juice maker is one of the most popular e-liquid companies today.Naked 100 has carved a solid reputation for itself by consistently producing high-quality e-juice flavors. Naked 100 is known to use only the best food-grade ingredients to make its e-liquids. This company has a lot of popular vape juice flavors. Apart from Hawaiian POG, some other e-liquids from Naked 100 that are popular are American Patriots, Amazing Mango, Lava Flow, All Melon, and Brain Freeze among others.

You can purchase a 60ml bottle of Hawaiian POG by Naked 100 for $19.99 via smokingthings.com. Smoking Things is an online vape shop that provides high-quality e-liquids at prices that are reasonable. This vape shop also has excellent customer service which makes buying from them a pleasant experience. When you buy from Smoking Things, your orders arrive quickly. Visit the Smoking Things homepage to check out the e-liquid collection at this store.


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