Whether you are using a starter vape setup, a box or mech mod, Hohm Tech’s Hohm Life 18650 batteries are one of the best on the market. The battery has a maximum discharge current of 20.7A and a capacity of 3077 mAh.

Hohm Life batteries are the result of a collaboration with Indonesia Chemistry and LG. The batteries were made with the tried and true LG H series battery chemistry. They are the perfect solution to the vaping community’s long-evolving battery struggles.

Product Features

The rechargeable Hohm Life 18650 is a high discharge INR flat top battery that is small and lightweight. It measures 18.23 mm by 65.12 mm and weighs only 44.73 grams. It has a normal and maximum voltage of 3.7V and 4.2V, respectively. The Indonesia Chemistry rated this at 3077 mAh, with a pulse and burst rate of 36.3A, and a CDR rating of 20.7A within normal operating temperatures.

Improved Features

The Hohm Life 18650 battery boasts of some major and minor upgrades from its LG predecessor. For instance, this new cell has a lower internal resistance due to a multitude of different internal modifications. It utilizes UHPAI for cathode tag and shortened cathode tag. The modified cathode tag is made from ultra-high purity aluminum.

It is also equipped with an Enhance Positive Thermal Coefficient to decrease thermal runaway potential. The Hohm Life 18650 battery comes with a new poly seal with refined bitumen that adds an extra security feature.

The Mn and Mn inert were also replaced by an additional 2.5% Cobalt and Nickel proprietary levels. The cell also has an enhanced PTC ring, which is equipped with a greater multiplier of resistance when triggered for safety.

The battery comes with unique authenticity code (UAC) attached to each cell. The perfect combination of price, power, longevity, and safety (PPLS) was achieved through thousands of trials and tests.

Important Reminders When Using the Battery

  • Before using the Hohm Tech Life 18650 battery, make sure it is fully charged before you use it.
  • Always double check and never short the batteries — connect positive and negative side correctly.
  • Have a dedicated case or any insulated materials to keep the battery
  • Do not mix the battery with any metal objects to avoid the possibility of a short circuit.
  • Never place the battery bare inside your pocket especially when keys, coins, chains, and other metals are inside.
  • Using a short or flat 510 connection on any hybrid or hybrid style device is strictly prohibited. Do not assemble and use if you are uncertain about a particular setup. Prevention is always better than cure so practice proper precautions and handling.


You know a battery is good when people cannot stop talking about it. I checked the Holm Tech website and I was surprised to see all of the positive reviews and five-star rating.

Hands down to The Sauce LA because they are really aware of what they are doing, from premium, good-tasting vape juices to a battery featuring PPLS. I was skeptical at first to try this, but I eventually decided to get a pack.

I carefully followed all the instructions and charged the batteries until it was full. The performance of this battery left me in awe as it went above and beyond my expectations. I repeatedly challenged them to high voltage workloads and high wattage demands, and they were able to survive my tests. These cells deliver power on demand.

Overall, I am recommending the Hohm Life 18650 batteries. You can not go wrong with them. They hit hard and the battery life lasts longer. So yeah, I am convinced. I am rating these batteries a score of 5 out of 5 across the board.

The Hohm Life 18650 is up for grabs for as low as $16.99 for a pair at https://thesaucela.com. You can also add a 60-mL bottle of your favorite vape juice from The Sauce LA for as low as $9.99 only. Some of the top e-juice flavors from this company are Caramel Waffle Cappuccino, Capone Fruit Loops, Open Road Rice Krispy Treat, XXX Tropical Fruits, and Buttery Blueberry Muffin.



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