Mojo Cool Melon is the most desired ultra-portable disposable e-cigarette on the market. This ready-to-use device is pre-filled and pre-charged. You can carry it easily anywhere you go because of its portability. If you are looking to stop cigarette smoking, then Mojo Cool Melon is a perfect way to switch from cigarette smoking to vaping. This pod mod can’t be refilled, but you can enjoy more than 250 puffs from the device before it goes dead.

If you like to vape fruit flavors, then this Mojo Cool Melon is ideal for you. The fresh honeydew flavor fills in your mouth along with icy menthol touch with each draw. It is good for summertime vaping. Each hit will make you feel like you are sipping on a real honeydew juice. The menthol and honeydew combine to form a cooling sensation on exhale. Each pre-filled Mojo pod can hold 1.2ml of nicotine salt vape juice. The 1.2ml vape juice inside the pod contains 5.0% (50mg) of nicotine concentration that is almost equal to 20 cigarettes. It can provide a remarkable throat hit.

Mojo Cool Melon is a draw-activated device. You can fire it by simply puffing on the mouthpiece. This device is equipped with a 240mah battery that comes fully charged with the package. There is absolutely no maintenance required.

Mojo Cool Melon Disposable Pod Mod Features:

  • Comes pre-charged – can use directly from the package, no charging required
  • The quick draw-activated firing mechanism
  • Comes pre-filled – refilling not possible
  • 50mg (5%) Nicotine Salt for reliable cigarette-like throat hit
  • Equal to one pack of cigarettes (20 cigarettes)
  • compact & portable

Mojo Cool Melon is popular for its portability. You can use it immediately after taking out from the package and discard it when the flavor and vapor fade away. Apart from melon flavor, Mojo is available in another seven separate flavors. Peach, Lemon Dessert, Strawberry, Pineapple Ice, Menthol, Classic Tobacco, and Cubano are other Mojo flavors available in the market. These flavors are just as good as Puff Bar flavors.

Mojo Cool Melon is a small pod-like vaping device with a flattened octagon shape and is semi pointed like a bullet at the mouthpiece side. It is about 3 inches in height and weighs about 13 grams. It is possible to hold this between your lips like cigarettes if your hands are occupied. Like other portable vaping devices, this device is also equipped with a bright light that turns on from one of the two small air holes when you take a hit.

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