Nasty Shisha Lemon Mint is part of the Nasty’s new 2020 Shisha series that takes inspiration from the Middle Eastern tradition of smoking tobacco from a hookah. Nasty Shisha Lemon Mint can be described to be a downright sour, lemony and acidic flavor sitting on top of bright peppermint. When we inhale this, we are greeted with a shocking, out of this world flavor of zesty lemons. It gives us a jolt to our senses that have been asleep from vaping creamy flavors. This nicotine salt is very strong, bold, and reinvigorating. The lemony flavors are obviously accompanied by a peppermint note that is green and spicy, freshly chopped. The combination of lemon and mint is a classic flavor pairing, but the execution here sets a standard of its own. With this strong of a punch, there is no need for any menthol and we are glad that none are detected. This flavor is like a wake-up call for the senses, a revival of the taste buds, and a soothing aperitive all in one puff. It will clear out any lingering flavors from your mouth, for example, after having a heavy roast dinner. For best flavors, we found that a single coil setup with 0.5ohm resistance worked the best.

Nasty Shisha Lemon Mint forms part of the new Shisha Series by Nasty Juice. This series is all about reintroducing flavors used in the age-old tradition of smoking hookah for the vaping crowd. There are 4 flavors in total making up the Shisha Series including Double Apple, Green Grape, Grape Raspberry, and Lemon Mint.

Nasty Juice is a giant of the global vape industry and hails from Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, a province of about 1 million people. With a reputation for exceptional fruit-flavored vape juices, they continue to delight their fans year after year with their streetwise marketing, colorful looks, and original flavor making. Winning countless awards in reputable vape festivals in the United Kingdom and Europe has given them the confidence to branch out all across the world. Attractive and tasteful, Nasty has elevated their game and pleases the vaping palettes of people in 72 countries.

Nasty Shisha Lemon Mint Nicotine Salt is made with the highest USP Grade blend of 30% Propylene Glycol (PG) and 70% Vegetable Glycerin (VG). You can purchase one in a 60ml bottle in either 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg nicotine levels for USD15.00 from Punk Juice Vape Store. Based in Malaysia, Punk Juice Vape Store stocks a wide variety of Malaysian made ejuices. They ship to the USA with a 7-day delivery policy using express shipping. They also stock the full flavor line-up from Nasty Juice. Their stock of ejuice brands is carefully selected and tested so that vapers get only the best vape juices from Malaysia.