Who doesn’t love those cute little balls of fur called cats? We all love to see them happy always right? These lovely and loyal friends of ours can sometimes feel very unhappy and I am very sure you wouldn’t want that.

At Penelope’s Bloom, they understand that your cat’s joy is your joy. They understand that your cats apart from falling sick might sometimes feel a lot of discomforts, and this is what drives the brand to produce CBD products for our pets. One of these wonderful products is the CBD Balm for Cats.

You Might Ask, What Is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol. This is the second most active ingredient which can be found in the cannabis plant. Its tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content is less than 0.3% dry weight in leaves. It has been proven to be safe for both humans and pets. CBD takes roughly thirty to forty minutes to take effect.

Why Use CBD Balm For Cats?

This balm is excellent for the protection of the skins and paws of your cats. It is formulated with CBD oil, lavender oil, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, shea butter, roman chamomile oil, rosemary oil, coconut oil, and Vitamin E extract. If you are worried about the intoxicating effects of this product and your cats acting ‘funny’, cast away your fears because it contains less than 0.03% of THC.

Its natural ingredients have been tested and proven to naturally heal the skin, prevent dry skin and rashes and possess antioxidants that provide anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It also helps protect your cat’s nose, elbows and paws from harsh elements such as hot surfaces, ice, gravel and rocks ensuring their skin stays healthy and spotless at all times.
The product is readily available in two concentrations which are 150mg and 300mg.

Directions For Use

Clean the surface area of your cat’s skin. Use your fingers to apply a copious portion of the CD balm over the area. Carefully massage the area to properly allow the skin absorb the balm. The CBD balm is specifically designed to enable the concerned area quickly absorb. Wait for the desired results.

Ensure to apply the balm regularly for best results. This shouldn’t be a problem for you as it is very much like your skincare regimen. A little tip: Always ensure to keep your pets around you so they don’t play around and wipe off the balm before it begins to get absorbed by the skin.

How Much Is This Product

It is a good thing this product hasn’t been slapped by a high price tag. It is very affordable. The 150mg version goes for as low as $19.99 and the 300mg version goes for as low as $29.99. Thanks to Penelope’s Bloom, you do not have to cough out a huge chunk of money to keep your cats healthy and yes, happy. Make sure to get yours today.

Penelope’s Bloom is at the forefront of the CBD industry. It is a brand dedicated to ensuring the health and wellbeing of your pets. You can never go wrong by using their products. There are other wonderful products from Penelope’s Bloom that you should try out such as the CBD pet treats for anxiety, CBD oil tincture for pets and CBD treats for joint pain and mobility. You can place your order at https://penelopesbloom.com