Pixotine - The Original Nicotine Toothpick Review

Finally, the age-long problem has been solved, and it all seems too good to be true. Pixotine is a nicotine-laced toothpick that delivers the same nicotine kick as the real deal without any cigarettes or oral fixation of a cigarette, smelly clothes, spit cups, fire hazards, or haughty looks from nearby people. No more choking on smoke or vapor, or having to deal with tobacco leaf on your gums from a dip or chew. It is designed particularly to help smokers who want to quit smoking but not necessarily let go of the nicotine hit that they are already used to. 

That said, this nicotine-infused toothpick is a great way to enjoy all of the benefits and pleasures of nicotine without the issues, judgments, and irritations associated with smoking.

They look just like a toothpick so when you are using them, you would just look like you had a toothpick in your mouth, and who doesn’t look cool with a toothpick in their mouth? You can use them whether you are near your family and friends or strangers, unlike with a regular cigarette. You can take them to work, the movies, sporting events, concerts, restaurants, the grocery store, in the car, even when you’re flying, boating, hiking, or at the beach. 

Pixotine - The Original Nicotine Toothpick Review

It is made with the same basic ingredients as the vape juice you probably take every day. Its ingredients are high-quality USP grade natural nicotine extract that is inside a carrier base of USP Kosher vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), and distilled water.

It’s no rocket science getting to know how to use them. They are designed for oral use. Everyone uses regular toothpicks right, you just place this Pixotine toothpick in your mouth and suck on it. Once you place it in your mouth, the saliva in your mouth helps in drawing out the nicotine. The nicotine that is contained in the saliva is then absorbed into the bloodstream through contact with cells. 

You should start to experience the nicotine hit almost immediately since the nicotine can transmit its effects through contact with the skin and absorption through the mouth. With proper use, Pixotine toothpicks can each last you from 15 minutes up to 1 hour.

Each Pixotine toothpick contains roughly 3mg of nicotine which is almost double the nicotine you get from most light cigarettes which have 1.8mg. This means that each Pixotine toothpick contains the nicotine equivalent of one cigarette, so it is even perfect for heavy smokers.

Pixotine - The Original Nicotine Toothpick Review

The nicotine-infused toothpicks come in a pack with a sleek patented design that can easily fit into your pocket or wallet. Each pack contains 15 wooden toothpicks and you get to choose from two different flavors so it’s not like you’re just satisfying your nicotine cravings alone. You heard that right, these that you get on Atomic Dog Vapor are not unflavored. They are available in Cinnamon and Tobacco depending on the flavor you prefer to taste while you chew. The flavors are well-made so they taste exceptional. 

In the end, Pixotine – The Original Nicotine Toothpick is a covert device that you can carry and use anywhere and everywhere, both indoors, and even in the office without raising any unwanted attention. It is also cheap so you get as many as you can handle without having to bother about breaking the bank. Last but not the least is that they are loaded with enough nicotine to satisfy your cravings, just make sure not to overdo it because each stick sure hits hard. 

On Atomic Dog Vapor, you get some of the best deals that the vaping market has to offer, Rather than the regular $5.99 price, Atomic Dog Vapor sells the Pixotine toothpicks for only $2.99 a pack.