There are only a handful of better things than an iced pomegranate and berries drink to quench your thirst, and the PomAcai Fusion by Atomic Dog Vapor made it to this list. It is a striking thirst buster. I do not doubt that you will surely love this flavor especially if you are a fan of the original pomegranate and berries juice. Both have the same flavor profile, only that this Pomegranate and Berries Iced is mentholated. This e-liquid consists of a fresh, fruitful, and sweet pomegranate flavor with a twist of ‘iced berries’ menthol blend.

Flavor Description
Following its name, PomAcai Fusion is specially made for the hot summer. Vaping this e-juice is like enjoying a slice of freshly ripened sweet pomegranate and some delicious berries on a summer day. The mixers at Atomic Dog Vapor gave PomAcai Fusion that natural juicy taste of pomegranate and berries that do ripen during the peak of the summer period. PomAcai Fusion comes with no additives or sweeteners. When you vape this juice, it is hard to miss its natural sweetness. The rich flavor of the sweet pomegranate and berries stays consistent throughout the inhale and exhale of this premium e-juice. PomAcai Fusion has a pleasant juicy and long-lasting aftertaste. Although PomAcai Fusion is made especially for the summer. You can vape this premium e-liquid all day long during any period without getting bored of its taste and aroma.

Nicotine Strength
You can pick from five different levels of nicotine for PomAcai Fusion e-juice. Your choices are 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg or even 24mg nicotine strength.

VG/PG Level
PomAcai Fusion e-liquid comes with a vegetable glycerin (VG) and with propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 70/30. This e-juice has an extraordinary blend that brings fantastic clouds to the table. You can expect this e-liquid to be ideal for vaping from a tank.

Throat Hit
There is a little feeling of sensation in your throat, and it does not irritate at all. What you will experience from PomAcai Fusion by Atomic Dog Vapor is a mild throat hit.

Vapor Production
You will be so fascinated with the cloud production from this juice. These clouds do not disappear right away. You will smell the sweet PomAcai Fusion scent that hangs on in the air. Hence, a delightful scent that you will enjoy.

PomAcai Fusion e-juice has attractive packaging. It has a bright bottle with a beautiful sticker on it. The company logo is printed on the front of the bottle. You can see that the container has an image of a glass of red pomegranate and berries juice which is pleasant to the eyes. You will also know the nicotine level right away from this product since it is displayed on the front. The bottle’s cap is firmly locked in place. You won’t have the contents spilling. What a beautiful presentation for a bottle of e-liquid.

Atomic Dog Vapor company is making a revolution in the market with its high-quality and reasonably priced e-liquids. Besides PomAcai Fusion, some of the other e-liquids in the company’s line are Karma Apple, Notorious POG, Tutti Frutti, Jamma Jamma, and Green Apple.

When you open a bottle of the PomAcai Fusion by Atomic Dog Vapor, you will automatically get the sweet scent of a pomegranate and berries juice. This smell will make your mouth water right away. You will also want to get a hit right on to enjoy the flavor. Once you inhale the vapor, the taste of pomegranate and berries seeps into your mouth gently. This flavor will stay in your mouth for a while and is very tasty. You will know at once that this juice is made from exotic ingredients because of its exceptional flavor.

The clouds from this e-juice are impressively thick. These clouds hang on in the air. You get various nicotine strengths from this e-liquid. The mild throat hit from the e-juice is pleasant to your throat. Note that there are multiple products with a similar flavor, but Atomic Dog Vapor tops the list with this one.


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