Puff Bar Disposable ECig Device Review

The Puff Bar Disposable E-Cig device is a premium vape device that is an ideal nicotine-delivery solution for transitioning vapers. It is an all-in-one device, featuring an inbuilt battery and pre-filled ejuice tank. The Puff Bar is second to none in the vaping market. There are lots of disposable vaping alternatives but when it comes down to vape satisfaction, the Puff Bar is in a league of its own.

Puff Bar Disposable Vape

Straight out of the pack you can easily see the resemblance between the Puff Bar and the many other disposable vape devices like it. This is because of its size and rectangular form factor. The Puff Bar stands 96mm and is 6mm wide so it is small enough to comfortably fit into your hand and pocket without any hassle. The device has straight edges feels great when you hold it in your hand. Both the mouthpiece, tank, and battery of the device are streamlined into one with no obvious bulges whatsoever, so when you pick it up to vape it feels just like an actual cigarette. 

Puff Bar Disposable ECig Device Review

The Puff Bar comes in a variety of colors. The color depends on the ejuice flavor that you choose. The body of the device is made of high-quality plastic. On the front face of the device are the “Puff” logo, the flavor name, nicotine strength, and a small arrow that points to the side of the device where you will find the mouthpiece. On that side of the device, you will find two escape holes where you will be inhaling the vapor from. 

The device features an anti-draw mechanism that makes it incredibly simple to use. You do not need any vaping experience whatsoever to get the hang of using this vape device. Straight out of the pack you place the device in your mouth and take a nice long draw.

Built into the Puff Bar disposable device is a 280mAh non-rechargeable battery that has proven to keep you vaping until you are done with the ejuice in the tank. Unlike many disposable e-cigs, you will not have the issue of your battery dying out before you are done with your ejuice.

The prefilled ejuice tank is built-in and you cannot remove or refill it. Once it is exhausted, you simply dispose of the unit and pick up another. The Puff Bar ejuice tank comes equipped with 1.3ml of ejuice. Thanks to the high concentration salt nicotine formula, you will not be able to go through the tank easily. Every drag rewards you with satisfaction that is sure to quench your cravings. The battery fo the pods, together with the 1.3ml ejuice guarantees to deliver anywhere from 300 to 400 puffs depending on how frequently and how heavily you vape. 

Puff Bar Flavors

The Puff Bar flavors come in a wide variety so you do not feel left out of the vaping community. You get to still enjoy high doses of nicotine with some of your favorite flavors. You can get the Puff Bar in Blueberry Ice, Melon Ice, Peach Ice, Strawberry, Strawberry Banana. Their plethora of vape juice flavors is available on Haze Town Vapes. 

Puff Bar Disposable ECig Device Review

Puff Bar Nicotine

Now, this is the best part of the Puff Bar. You get to choose between 20MG (2%) nicotine concentration and 50MG (5%) nicotine concentration that gives you equivalent to a pack of cigarettes. The Puff Bar makes use of high-quality salt nicotine that allows you to vape these high levels of nicotine and still enjoy smooth and strong throat hits without any harshness or irritation in your throat.


Every drag on the Puff Bar rewards you with a loose mouth-to-lung draw that is packed with bold flavor and strong nicotine hits. There is no way to regulate the airflow nonetheless, you are going to get a good kick every time you take a draw.


The Puff Bar disposable e-cig is sold individually and quite affordably so that you can easily get as many Puff Bars as you can possibly have. The device comes sealed in a cellophane wrapper that is neatly packaged in a small box. On the box is a small viewing window that allows you to see the color of the device before you even open up the pack. On Haze Town Vapes, you can get a unit of the Puff Bar for $10. 


For a device that delivers just as much as it promises, its no wonder it has such a good reputation. If you are a transitioning smoker looking for a simple way to kick the habit while still being able to satisfy your nicotine cravings, this is the device for you.