Rofvape DAC RDA Review – RDA with A Double Airflow Control

A good number of vapers probably have never heard about the company, Rofvape. Rofvape is one company that is just as promising as the many popular brands you can name off the top of your head. This is because they offer products like the DAC RDA which is a timely solution to a timeless vape problem.Without further ado, let’s get to know whether or not the DAC RDA by Rofvape is worth your consideration.

Design and Build

Rofvape’s DAC RDA sports a solid stainless steel build with a drip tip and 510 connection threading measuring 22mm in diameter. The device comes equipped with an anti-oil splashing design. Just like you would expect from an RDA, the DAC RDA by Rofvape is fully rebuildable which allows easier customization and easy cleaning especially if you are the enthusiastic rebuilder that fancies to tweak a few things around in your device. The device can be broken down into four parts:

  • The Mouthpiece
  • The Atomizer Cap
  • The Atomizer Tube
  • The Atomizer Base
Rofvape DAC RDA Review – RDA with A Double Airflow Control

The DAC RDA atomizer base sits firmly on an improved velocity style dualpost deck, just like you would have in high-quality atomizers. The device’s velocity deck has a much larger space to accommodate more cotton lending to an increased flavor output and optimum flavor production. The device features completely rebuildable coils which means you can easily change the prebuilt coils or completely DIY coils of your own. If you are going to be building your own coils, a good option for a coils material will be Wire Shots by Rofvape that come in packs containing ten (10) pieces for your rebuilding pleasure. They are pre-cut strips of exotic wires that are ready to be wrapped into a coil of your choice.

If you fancy a bit of style with your coils, Atomic Dog Vapor sells a variety of options for the wire shots that are all priced at $1.00 per pack. aT other stores, you probably will find them more expensive. Atomic Dog Vapor is able to keep its prices low because they maximize a lot of savings from not having to pay for rentals or staffing like your traditional vape stores.

The wire shots by Rofvape are available in the following sizes: Clapton Wire Shots 118mm long featuring 26ga A1 + 32ga A1, Fused Clapton Wire Shots 118mm long featuring 28ga A1 x2 + 32ga A1, Tiger Wire Shots 118mm long featuring 26ga A1 + 0.2 x 0.8 Flat, Hive Wire Shots 118mm long featuring 30ga A1 x2 + 30ga A1 x2, Flat Twisted Wire Shots 118mm long featuring 0.2 x 0.8 Flat + 0.2 x 0.8 Flat, Mix Twisted Wire Shots 118mm long featuring 0.2 x 0.8 Flat + 26ga A1, and GMF Mixed Wire Shots featuring Alien x2/ Clapton x2/ Fused x2/ Hive x2/ Tiger x2; five different types, 2 each. Pair any one of these high-quality wires designed for quality vapor and flavor with your DAC RDA and get ready for an unending vaping delight.

Double Airflow Control RDA

The ‘DAC’ in the device’s name stands for Double Airflow Control, this is the RDA’s special feature. The RDA features two airflow systems. Both its upper and lower systems are responsible for the air supply, the lower system does the main job while the upper system is an ingenious addition. Both its upper and lower systems are regulated separately. You regulate each of them by turning the body and the ring above it. One interesting feature with the upper and lower systems of this RDA is that they do not counteract themselves rather they work together to create the usually pleasant sensations you will come to love.

Rofvape DAC RDA Review – RDA with A Double Airflow Control

This ingenious addition to RDA vaping is geared to positively influence your overall flavor experience. Just make sure to experiment with the airflow adjustments until you find your “sweet spot”. 

What’s in The Box?

In addition to the DAC RDA by Rofvape, 2x Fiber Freak Cotton from France, 2x Pre-Built Coil, and 5x Seal Ring. The device is available in black, gold, and silver.The DAC RDA is best accompanied with any one of these batteries: Xomo Gt Laser, Aegis Mod, Hugo Boxer Rader, Voopoo Alpha One, Vandy Vape Pulse Mod, Tesla Punk 220W, and a good number of others

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