If you are familiar with the Slim Battery Kit, then you would appreciate this innovative upgrade that takes the vaping experience up a notch. The Slim Variable Voltage Battery Kit features a slim oil variable voltage 280mAh battery and a proprietary USB charger that is ideal for vaping without interruption. The device gives you vaping control like never before. You have control over your battery’s voltage output so you can fine-tune the flavorful hits to suit your taste buds

It sports a similar cylindrical shape to many of the vaporizers in VaporTech’s Slim category. It is sleek and elegant while still maintaining its portable size and ergonomic feel. It is lightweight so you don’t feel like you are carrying about some heavy piece of vaping equipment. You can easily slip it into your pocket or bag without worry. The Slim VV Battery Kit is designed to be compatible with all VaporTech Slim Pen cartridges and glass cartridges. 

Slim Variable Voltage (VV) Battery Kit VaporTech Review

Just like its predecessor, the VaporTech Slim VV Battery Kit also features a stylus rubber tip that can function as a stylus for electronic touch devices. 

You get to choose from an array of colors when you buy the device. It is available in White, Blue, Black, Rainbow, Red, and Pink.

On the body of the device is a circular power button that functions as a single button to toggle through the device’s plethora of settings including its variable voltage setting which allows you to adjust the voltage of the device to suit your preference so you can achieve maximum flavor hits every time you vape. 

Around the power button is an LED light ring. Here are some of the function of the LED light:

  • Shines red every time you take a drag
  • Blinks 10 times to indicate that the battery level has dropped below a certain point. 
Slim Variable Voltage (VV) Battery Kit VaporTech Review

The power button is pretty simple and easy to use, even if you are a complete novice. 5 rapid clicks on the button turn the device on, another 5 turns it off. This is important so the battery does not die out while you are not using it for a long time. 

The Slim VV Battery Kit features a pre-heating function that goes a long way in preparing your thick oil for vaping. 2 rapid clicks of the power button activates the pre-heat cycle which will take a maximum of 90 minutes to complete. The LED light around the power button changes color to indicate the particular stage you are in the preheating cycle. You can stop the pre-heat cycle at any time by clicking the power button once. 

Remember the variable voltage setting we talked about, well, 3 clicks of the power button toggles between the device’s voltage levels. You get to toggle between 3.4v, 3.7v, and 4.0v. The LED light ring also comes in handy to tell you which voltage setting you are on using colors i.e. Green for 3.4v, Blue for 3.7v, and Red for 4.0v. If you are looking for a milder hit, you can consider using a lower voltage output level. Once you have set your desired voltage output, press and hold the button to vape. 

The Slim VV Battery Kit’s 280mAh battery is just enough to carry you through your vaping sessions for a while before you have to bother about recharging. You can fully charge the battery within 50 minutes using the USB charger that comes together with the kit. 

Quite similar to the setting on the Slim Battery Kit, this Slim VV Battery Kit also comes with a convenient standby mode that turns off the battery automatically when it is not in use, and it remains like that until the next time you activate it. The device also has an 8-second timer that prevents overheating. 

On vaportechusa.com you can get the Slim Variable Voltage Battery Kit by VaporTech for as low as $14.99.