Stentorian is not a new name in the industry. The powerful Basilisk mod earned this company a place among the top vape brands. The RAM BF is an unregulated mechanical squonk mod from Stentorian. This is a beautiful box mod with a simple design. However, it is only recommended for experienced vapers.

The Stentorian RAM BF is a resin mod with a colorful, rubberized finish. There are different colors to choose for this mod. The dimensions of the RAM BF mod are 77mm by 47mm by 24mm. It is not too large to fit in the palm of your hand. The rubberized finish makes it comfortable in a grip. The device has a waterproof design to prevent any damage from e-juice and water.

The Stentorian RAM BF is a simple device, and it is high-quality. On top of the mod, you will find a gold-plated, spring-loaded 510 pin for attaching your RDA. This mod can fit any RDA with a dimension of 24mm or less without any overhang. There is a PEEK insulator around the 510 pin to prevent the top of the device from overheating. You will notice that all the metal parts of the mod (including the firing button) are gold-plated for better conductivity.

The firing button of the device protrudes a bit. It is very clicky and responsive. You can lock the firing button by turning it clockwise until it stops turning. This will prevent the device from accidentally firing when you put it in your pocket or bag. As indicated above, the Stentorian RAM BF is an unregulated mod. Therefore, it doesn’t come with the safety features that you will find on regulated mods. With that said, being able to lock the firing button is a big plus. In order to use the Stentorian RAM BF safely, you need to understand Ohm’s law and how resistance works. You can use the Ohm law calculator at the Wotofo online store.

The Stentorian RAM BF runs on a single 18650 battery. You need to remove the magnetic side cover to access the battery compartment. There is a ribbon in the battery compartment, which makes it easy to remove the battery without any issues. There is no rattling when the battery is fixed. You cannot control the wattage and voltage output of this device. Instead, it depends on the battery level.

Next to the battery is the food-grade plastic bottle that holds your e-juice. The RAM BF box mod comes with three squonk bottles. Each bottle can hold up to 7ml of e-juice. Therefore, you can go all day without having to refill. You will have no difficulties connecting the bottle with the squonker pin.

Overall, the Stentorian RAM BF mod is an impressive device. You can get this mod at the Wotofo online store for only $19.99 – this is a discount of $26 on the original price of the product, $45.