White Rhino has released a new electronic vaping device that’s different from the usual items in the market. You can attach this gadget to your water piece using a male or female downstem. The result is tons of flavorful vapor clouds.

How to use it

The White Rhino Torrid does not share the same design as its contemporaries. But once you try it, you’ll be amazed at how easy to use it is. Simply put this nail on top of the glass. Then turn the device on by clicking the center button five times. Hold the same button for five seconds if you want to change the temperature.

Refilling this electronic nail is straightforward. Simply, remove the top piece, place the wax and replace the cover. It is just the same way you refill when vaping with other wax vaporizers.

Temperature Settings

Torrid has three temperature settings. The high-temperature settings range from 800-830F/426-443C. Medium and low settings range from 700-730F/371-387C and 600-630F /315-332C respectively.

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality of Torrid is quite good. It gives you the true flavor of your wax. The water cools down the clouds of vapor before it reaches your mouth. The large chamber on this device allows you to produce gigantic, thick vapor clouds. Despite its large size, this unit also works with small quantities of wax.

Product Quality

Torrid has a rugged design. You can tell that this is a high-quality device by looking at its expert workmanship. The reversible downstem makes this electronic nail compatible with almost all kinds of water pieces. Aside from the main unit, you get a USB charger and packing combo tool.

Although the Torrid features a unique design, it won’t take much time to figure out how to use it. You’ll quickly get the hang of vaping with this device. You can fill the carb cap or wax tool easily.

Cleaning this Torrid unit is also easy. Just disassemble the pieces and soak it in a cleaning solution. Afterward, rinse the pieces with water and make quick burn off to completely clean it.

Battery Power

The White Rhino Torrid is powered by a 18650 LiPo battery. It has a capacity of 1500mAh which means it will last for a long time before you need to recharge it. The battery is said to have more than 400 charge cycles. If you’re using it normally, the battery life of the Torrid can last for several days.


This is not exactly a portable unit. However, the Torrid is housed in a package that makes it easy to transport. Its rugged design and construction allow you to bring anywhere with you. You can also slip it inside a bag. Also, setting up the unit just takes a few moments.


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